When Facebook Friends Get Lost

0530 stl facebook.jpgAs the title would suggest, Facebook friends often get lost. Or perhaps, we lose them on purpose. Maybe. After many late nights trawling social media for something, even for a superficial connection with acquaintances, ex lovers, childhood friends, you quickly come to the conclusion that Facebook is one more said superficial connection that will, more than likely amount to little more than a ‘Like’. That said, a lost connection with friends you once saw more than you would have liked – must be farewelled and sometimes the need to let go lingers like the deodorant of an ex partner. You know something must be done.
So in between, checking, ‘like’-ing, ignoring and eventually forgetting, you let go. It does make me wonder however, if the lost friends ever realise (or, care) what they once thought was a connection means little more than what Gotye would label as “somebody that I used to know”. Before social media, you could simply lose a friend’s number or stay away from common haunts to get past or lose your friends. Now, no matter where you are, what you do, (lost) friends linger even when they are lost.


Selective Vision and Photojournalism

Photojournalism is augmented reality

the literate lens

Selective_EyeIf you believe the hype, the next great technological frontier will be in the realm of vision, with digital tools embedded in glasses or in contact lenses to record, analyze and enhance what we’re seeing and doing. It’s called augmented reality. But some futurists have brought up another possibility, “deletive reality.” After all, if you can add things to your field of vision, why not take them away? “If pedestrians in New York or Mumbai don’t want to see homeless people, they could delete them from view in real-time,” Ayeesha and Parag Khanna wrote on Slate.com last year, describing the potential of pixelated contact lenses.

Selective_GoogleThis idea, along with some recent stories about “smart” contact lenses, sparked comment in the New York Times and the New Yorker this week. Reading these columns, I was reminded of a shift that occurred at the beginning of the twentieth century. Both technological and…

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Microsoft Word Hates Me

111610_0208_MicrosoftWo1When you have a massive workload of papers to correct online using basic programs such as the one mentioned already, you expect easy access, simple keystrokes to get the job done, right? Wrong.
Granted, I have the techno-patience of a rat on speed, I’ve endured manis and pedis drying at a quicker rate than Word opening a single document without the message, “Microsoft Word is not responding” appearing countless times.
Believe me, this is a RANT – and a rant one had to have given the time it took to actually start the PC side of my ageing MacBook. Thankfully, I’m on my second coffee. It’s going to be a long one.

The Times They Are a-Changin’ – Bob Dylan


The Ice Age

The Ice Age


I told a friend today last week that I felt older. Not older and wiser, just older. Of course she reassured me I hadn’t aged in the last month she hadn’t seen me. In fact, she said, I looked positively chilled and relaxed. Well, thank heavens for that.

It’s been over a week Ok, it’s been a WHILE since I posted here and believe me, in that time I’ve realised how much older (and perhaps, wiser) I am.

A visit to a well-known, London clothing retailer now with a store in South Yarra helped me come to the inevitable and denied realisation that women my age work harder (in everything) – in their careers, relationships, interests and physical attributes – and we reap much more in return. Yes, this in fact the truth.  We work harder at all these things in the belief that something good will come of it, in a promotion/new job, developing or maintaining relationships, learning new ideas and keeping a level of physique similar to your 20s. And it’s on the latter that I felt most confronted by the visit to TopShop. My old shopping haunt suddenly became a temporary hazard to my mental health. Extreme as that may sound, I was surrounded by pre-teens and young women parading around the store with youthful and carefree exuberance.

Despite my best efforts to ignore, I found myself critically reflecting on my own youth given that stage had and well and truly passed. The skinny-fit young things not only looked healthy, they oozed enough bravado to keep the Kardashian sisters’ egos sky high. Truth of the matter is, I doubt I was ever that confident at their age. To cut a LONG story short, in my head I was dreaming up countless ways of making yours truly feel better in their youthful presence by hoping one long-legged beauty would fall over, try on a dress two sizes too small and – my favourite, me telling myself rather desperately, “your boobs are better”. Maybe.

TopShop experience aside, I also recently discovered that I am in fact, part of the declining group of women in my friendship group/s who is unattached and unmarried. I made this realisation while I watched a very close friend change her newborn son’s nappy in a pram and in a restaurant dining room. In my head I tallied my closest friends, their significant others and respective offshoots (i.e. kids). I must say I am neither positive or negative about this, but I quietly pondered my loneranger status and contemplated Tweeting my realisation. Instead, I pondered some more about the future. Then I looked around, chatted with my friend, sipped my wine and saw everything was good.

Until next time…

mf 🙂

Procrastination is Enemy #1

Distraction no.1 Moses da Pooch

Distraction no.1 Moses da Pooch

I have two weeks and two days left until the school year begins again. Approximately six months until my first draft of ‘the project’ should be done. And finally, eleven months until Christmas. Procrastination is the enemy, my friends. Now, if only my head would listen.

The beauty of having regular holidays in my profession is the stack of work to go on with and the countless ‘to do’ lists written on whatever legible surface around the house – I should mention I once wrote a skeleton lesson plan on a table. Thankfully, my housemate at the time didn’t notice before the magic eraser removed any trace.

The next two weeks should be spent preparing for the term ahead. I am one of the lucky few who actually gets to teach a subject I love, so movie marathons and deconstructing camera technique, acting, lighting, sound, editing and mise-en-scene is not a bad a gig if you ask anyone at all interested in cinema. Mise-en-scene, what a sexy word. (I’ll get back to that later).

The problem I face is the mere fact that it’s actually, ‘work’ or paid work. Not to be bogged down in semantics (which I love, by the way) but the devil in my head asks why I should spend my holidays ‘working’. The conscience on the other hand, tells me it’s for the best. From experience, I know the conscience is right. The more prepared you are, I tell myself, the better the outcomes will be.

Given that I am averse to failure, I’m certain I’ll ‘work’ through the next fortnight without too much distraction, even if sleeping (napping) and dealing with a hyperactive pooch could potentially  disrupt my (work) flow. Not to mention my need to check Twitter and Facebook every half hour, you would think the notifications system would be enough. Did I mention eBay, running, gym? Actually, distractions are a-plenty. As you’ve just read.

So the solution, I write more ‘to do’ lists on multi-coloured post-it notes, stick post-it notes around the house (there’s plenty already), carry my laptop around (or maybe a notepad) and have social media on drip. In all seriousness, I need a holiday work schedule. Sounds like a plan. I’ll do that after I post this.

Finally, the mise-en-scene mentioned earlier. If I could describe the mise-en-scene of my flat right this very minute, it would be a LS of a cluttered open living space with laptops, hard drives, books, white Ikea furniture and a futon with a basket full of laundry (clean, of course) with naturalistic lighting. The person in the shot is hunched over one of the laptops typing vigorously, drinking Cherry Coke and doing quick head turns to check for notices on her iPhone. She has a rather disappointed, ‘no one loves me’ expression on her face. For such a sensual word, the current mise-en-scene doesn’t do the word justice.

Since I’ve just assigned myself a job to do: create a holiday work schedule, I’d best be going. I’d hate to put off planning a productive fortnight.

MF 🙂

Buzzing mosquitoes

poppies will not be cropped

poppies will not be cropped

I’m watching Poirot trying to catch a mosquito and the moment he catches it, slaps it, kills it – he’s come very close to solving the murder mystery.

That’s it. The buzzing mosquito is like that itch you want to scratch but can’t for the time being. It’s the feeling of holding your breath for something you’ve always wanted but can’t seem to get.

I am hoping 2013 will be the year. The year I catch, slap and kill that buzzing mosquito. The one that won’t let me sleep without spraying myself with tropical strength Aerogard in my own home. That buzzing mosquito keeps me up at night, just in case it feasts on my flesh and sweet tasting blood.

I am not much of resolution maker but 2013 is the year. Here is a list of buzzing mosquitoes for 2013:

1. Finances – get it right.

2. Re-learn my mother tongue and speak it  – Tagalog.

3. Write (or blog) daily – finish first project and read to a live audience.

4. Travel – Asia

5. Be a better photographer – take portraits.

Those are my Top 5. There are sure to be more I am yet to uncover (or admit to).

Introductions are so blasé

Me and da pooch, Moses.

Me and da pooch, Moses.

Well, hello there. My name is Mary-France and I hail from the land Down Under. Born in Quezon City, Philippines and raised in Melbourne, Australia.
I am a dedicated, slightly obsessed secondary school teacher who works well with all types, including adolescents who may or may not already appreciate the art of learning. From experience, a sense of humour and a neverending ability to smile also works a treat! I have a passion for the Media in all forms, particularly cinema and photography but my latest craze is of course, social media. Hence, the blog.
In the last twelve months, I’ve been playing with the idea of ‘moonlighting’. No, not the 80s drama of the same name but potentially moonlighting in my closet interest of writing – namely, writing for television and film. More on this later.
In terms of qualifications, I started a Bachelor of Performing Arts degree specialising in Music but when the rehearsal and audition trail began to take its toll, I switched to a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications instead. So it seems my two left feet could not do justice to my soulful vibrato and expressive face. Life didn’t end there thankfully.
My B.A eventually led me to work in a media analysis company where I read print media at the speed of light (yes, at the speed of light. My KPIs were off the charts) for private and public clients. In this role, I grew to appreciate business news and the art of “information reconnaissance”. This eventually led me to hope that my interest in the Media and the Arts would mean something more than being an audience member.
In 2006, I graduated from a brilliant Graduate Diploma in Education and my many teaching adventures commenced. Teaching is a profession that is definitely not for the faint-hearted. I realised this early on, especially in working abroad. I returned from teaching in London armed with new tricks and a newfound understanding of adolescent behaviour in a melting pot of cultures that is London. I learnt that my love for travel (seriously, who doesn’t?) was actually complementing my desire to teach. So, in 2013 I continue to do so, perhaps with less (closet) angst than I did all those years ago, pre-London.
As for my potential moonlighting, I am currently working on a project which involves a lot of reading, checking, writing, reading, checking, writing…you get the drift.
Lastly, I am an avid middle distance runner and hula hooper. Currently, I am working through a stack of dvds I own, which have never been opened but seen countless times, all in the name of work and inspiration. Wish me luck! 🙂